“KANNAWAY Russia. SNG Hello 👋 to all our dear Partners – friends! Today I took it to the laboratory of the Ministry of Justice of our Republic (my wife works there, which is also our partner), our oil is the main product for examination. While drove on one device, after the holidays on the other with the expert opinion. And the result is very good in our direction there are no substances prohibited in circulation, namely THC tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD-cannabinol. Hurray 😁 so far Only our cannabidiol CBD (CBD).
But it is not prohibited, and therefore in our civil and criminal law, which is not prohibited, it is Allowed! I say, as a military forensic investigator in the recent past. Later through legal. the company is initiating an official request for the examination of our oil and ointment in order to get an expert opinion and it will be possible to put it on our website and online! There is expensive licensed overseas equipment there and neither of the cops or anyone will “prick”!

I took from my wife a collection of our literature, and the USSR and foreign publications CBD (CBD) rules, if only it is one and without TGC. And even in Wikipedia it is written that way. And yesterday, on our Facebook fan live on Facebook, one lady had the stupidity of writing koment (with errors, she did not understand what she wrote) that we are supposedly forbidden, but this is not true! And with such people we are not on the way! So dear forward!

Brenda Ambassadors say! 1

Любовь Николаевна

The world is big and always opens exactly the perspectives that you deserve! We are never given a desire without having the opportunity to realize them !!

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