My name is Lyuba, I’m soon 49 years old. Yes, I can talk about my age. It would not be sad, but I have everything as usual. I was born in a small town in the Nikolaev region. My parents were simple workers. Dad died when I was 22. Mom lives in retirement, which is only enough for a communal apartment. And I have to help her. I have an adult son, but I also want to help his family and somehow support not only morally, but also financially. You will agree with me that family care is the most important thing. Without this, we do not survive so well. It upsets us when our parents get sick, and we stretch with all our strength to support them and help them. We care about the future of our children and grandchildren.
And I decided that I could overcome the difficulties and achieve success. So, for the first time, I signed an agreement with a network marketing company. Yes, everything was just great. There were sales, there were customers and partners, but somehow it was all wrong. For the most part, it was the old school of building MLM. This is a list of contacts, these are cold contacts, this is what strains the most in a networked one.
I threw my idea, but all the money – NNNada!
My friend invited me to the “Club 10X” for training. At one of the lessons, while reading the book “Millionaire’s Booklet”, the author of the book Grant Cardon writes that in order to get additional income, find a network marketing company. Well, I think – “Class! Well, as Alice said, I will think about it tomorrow! ”And then after half an hour on Facebook, an invitation to the site comes to me from a friend. And he wrote so interesting: “Stop sleeping! Let’s work! ”
I clicked on the link and realized this is what I was looking for! And as my sponsor Marina says: “Look, Where is the money?” And I saw the money. And this is not bad by our standards money.
Further more, the next day I again went to the “Club 10X” for training! And … There was a task: “Calculate your income! What is needed to achieve everything for a whole Million dollars? ”
And I did an assignment based on the company’s marketing plan KANNAWAY and it turned out that it was REALLY done!
Oh hooray! This is the niche in which I want to develop my business!
And here again – But!?
This is hemp. Oh God, I’m the one that spreads the brochures about the dangers of drugs, the one that supports the movement for a world without crime and drugs, how will I promote cannabis oil?
And this question tormented me. How did I decide it? I just began to look at the information on the Internet. (As they say Google – to help) And it turns out that this oil does not cause any psychotic effects, does not cause addiction, but on the contrary is very good and valuable.
Well, about this already in my other posts.
I will say one thing! We work on the Internet through the system; it does 85% of our work for us.
There is always support and help!
If you really need money, then I ask our as yet small, but already very friendly team! It’s simple, but not easy! Being at the beginning of any business always requires more effort, but that’s the beginning!
At any time you can contact me: write me an email, or immediately in the system in the chat on the presentation!
Waiting for you and together we can achieve a lot! Join now!

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Foundation for a Drug-Free World International

As for the medical uses of marijuana, it contains another chemical called CBD (short for cannabidiol). This is the substance most often associated with creating medical benefits. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a high.2 Its medical benefits are still being studied, as are methods to breed marijuana plants with high CBD and low THC for medical use. “

PS.Also this video helped me in the decision

Любовь Николаевна

The world is big and always opens exactly the perspectives that you deserve! We are never given a desire without having the opportunity to realize them !!

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